Whole30 Round One Results


If you read my last post, I detailed how I came to the decision to do a Whole30 for the first time at seven weeks postpartum. My husband Andrew decided to participate in the program with me, which was really exciting. Andrew had been trying to lose weight for years, and like so many others, would find something that worked short term but never managed to keep weight off or lose everything he needed to be healthy. We were both determined to put our all into this Whole30 and see what happened. We did a lot to prepare, which I will detail in my next post.

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What we hoped for…

Andrew’s goal for the first round was to really make some progress in reversing years of less than healthy habits and mindsets surrounding food. My goal was to work on healing from a pregnancy and a really difficult delivery both physically and emotionally, and we both wanted to lose weight.

What we feared…

The Whole30 book was so helpful and encouraging as we prepared for the program, especially Melissa’s ‘Tough Love’- but a change that big is bound to bring up some anxieties, and in this case, I think it was all part of the process in healing from misunderstandings about food and what it should mean to us. I was not looking forward to drinking unsweetened coffee and giving up cheese and beans. Andrew was worried that he would be hungry and not have anything good to eat for a month. Well, we had no idea what was coming for us.

What actually happened…

I am not saying that the Whole30 is easy- it certainly has its challenges that vary day by day. But we were SO ready that we didn’t ever question it. We followed the rules happily, gratefully even, and it was so worth it. First I’ll share some of our non-scale victories:

  • We slept very well (even with a tiny baby)
  • We had energy during the day (even with a tiny baby)
  • Our (especially my) moods were not unpredictable and we felt calm more often than not
  • Andrew stopped snoring ๐Ÿ™‚
  • We both stopped having any kind of joint pain
  • We both began to feel more self confidence
  • My skin irritations completely disappeared
  • I had a plentiful milk supply for my little nursling

And then there’s the weight loss. Those first 30 days, I lost 12 pounds and Andrew lost 14 pounds. We were feeling so good that we decided to keep up the Whole30 lifestyle for another round at least! With a little bit of food freedom here and there, we have been living a Whole30 lifestyle since June 1st 2018. Andrew has lost nearly 40 pounds (and counting!) and I weigh what I did when we got married and can fit into my clothes. (woot woot!) Today, November 1st, we are starting a whole21- Thanksgiving is on the 22nd of this month and we are going to have some Paleo treats ๐Ÿ™‚

What we learned…

I plan on being dairy free indefinitely, which I NEVER thought I would say. But my body functions much better without it. I also plan to eat very little grains and sugar because of the way they affect my body. Andrew has not shown sensitivities as extreme as mine, but it is obvious that the Whole30 way of eating is working for him- his skin looks awesome, his beard is amazing, and he just keeps losing weight! I am so proud of him and proud of us for doing this now and striving to become happier and healthier every day for each other and ourselves.

Have you done a Whole30 or something like it that as totally changed your life? I would love to hear about it!

4 thoughts on “Whole30 Round One Results

  1. Your comment about Andrew’s beard is great ๐Ÿ™‚
    I think this is really interesting to hear about. I have never done Whole 30, but about a year or so ago, I decided to be more conscious of what I was eating, and I started finding little ways to improve my diet. I was on a Paleo kick for a while (I didn’t fully jump in, though-I only integrated Paleo dishes into our meal plan and when I made desserts, I mostly stuck with Paleo treats), and that was interesting to explore. It helped broaden my perspective, and helped me see that instead of using highly processed or refined ingredients, I have other options. Something I am really curious about is how you manage Whole 30 while still accepting the hospitality of others. What do you do when people invite you over to dinner? Or at parish potlucks?


    1. Isn’t it amazing to see how many things can be used in place of processed ingredients that we have come to think of as staples? I am just starting to get into planning some Paleo desserts for Thanksgiving so I am curious to know what you made!
      What a great question! For us, this has worked out beautifully. Melissa Hartwig addresses this at length in the Whole30 books, and our experience has been nothing but positive. As far as dinner invitations, we are lucky enough to be friends with lots of folks who have done Whole30s of their own and have been more than happy to make a compliant meal. Other times, we have simply suggested coffee instead of a meal, or invited people over for us to do the cooking instead. On the whole, people have been extremely supportive and encouraging. As far as potlucks go, in that case we would most likely bring a compliant dish or two that we know we can eat, and in addition to that choose only fresh veggies/fruit or things that have clear ingredient labels and are in compliance with the program. In situations like this, no one seems to notice what you don’t put on your plate and if they do notice and ask why, well then you have yourself a teaching moment!


      1. Thanks for your insights on the entertaining aspect! I’ll pick up Hartwig’s book sometime-that’s great she addresses the topic, since I’ve heard this same concern from other people when it comes to eating plans.

        When I was reading more Paleo cookbooks and whatnot, I made (and really enjoyed) brownies-they had sweet potato and were so good. Also, chocolate made from cocoa powder and coconut oil is insanely simple to make and is a great pick-me-up treat (dangerous, though, since the ingredients are always in my pantry). One of my friends made these chocolate truffles that had similar ingredients to the chocolates which were pretty good. At one point, I made some lemon bars, but while they were good, they tasted a lot more like a yummy granola bar than actual lemon bars (this is a trend I’ve found with many desserts-the “healthy” version just can’t quite replicate the taste of the original/unhealthy version). Chocolate chip cookies were pretty good-with almond flour and coconut oil in them, they were a bit reminiscent of an almond joy. And for Thanksgiving last year, I made a paleo sweet potato casserole-with pecans and pure maple syrup, it was WAY yummier than the “ordinary” sweet potato casserole you’ll find at most dinners. This year, I’m actually tempted to try making paleo dinner rolls for Thanksgiving, because I think it’d be fun and I’m curious to see how they compare to dinner rolls made with white or whole wheat flours.


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