My Decision to do a Breastfeeding Whole30

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I first heard about the Whole30 program from a dear friend of mine who was about to begin her second round. At the time, I was pregnant with my little princess and not in a great place as far as healthy eating, but that is a story for another post. When my friend told me the rules and guidelines for the Whole30, I thought she sounded like a crazy lady to willingly participate in such a thing. I was personally offended by the fact that you have to give up so many food groups, beans and dairy especially. How can anyone do that?! Doesn’t everyone need cheese on each and every meal?

Fast forward a few months later- I am curious and I ask to borrow the Whole30 book. I looked through it and was impressed, but not ready to let go of my bean burritos or my cheesy ways. Fast forward again- I give birth to my beautiful daughter and realize that my body really needs nutrient dense foods in order to survive life breastfeeding a newborn. If you have never breastfed a newborn, let me tell you about the hunger. It is WAY beyond any hunger you feel during pregnancy. This is a deep, gnawing hunger, the likes of which I suspect you would feel if you were lost in the woods for days with no supplies. The kind of hunger that makes your husbands arm look almost appetizing during the 3am feeding. It never did come to that, though, because my husband is a rockstar and served me beautiful plates filled with deli meat, cheese, fruit, veggies, and other wonderful things at all hours during those early nights.

So I am feeling this incredible hunger almost constantly even though I am eating ALL THE TIME. I made tons of freezer meals, most of which contained pasta and dairy, because yum, and also because its cheap and why shouldn’t I delight in noodles after accomplishing such a task as childbirth? In all seriousness though, my body was experiencing some real nutrient depletion by the time we started our first round of Whole30 when baby girl was 7 weeks old, not to mention that I was the heaviest I have ever been (except pregnancy) and feeling really uncomfortable in my own skin. I remember trying clothes on one Sunday morning before mass and ending up in a puddle of tears because some of the maternity clothes didn’t even fit my new giant milk filled boobs and not-so-tiny-anymore hips. Yes I wanted to lose weight. I also wanted to believe the promise of feeling better all around, and figuring out exactly what my body needs to function best, especially while healing from the pregnancy and birth and sustaining my little nursling. The all-encompassing reason, though, was for my health in body and mind. I can’t wait to share my results with you 🙂